Leopard Photography In Pali district

Predators usually die when their natural prey dies out, but not leopards. If it were cattle they were feeding on, people would have had problems but amazingly, leopards have learnt to feed on stray dogs and no one seems to really mind that.

Pali district in Rajasthan is not a national park nor does it support the natural prey of the leopards. But is amongst the top destinations when it comes to photographing leopards.

The district is marked by numerous stone hills on privately owned land and leopards occupy almost all hills. They leave the hills during night hours and return to safety of the hills before dawn. They can be photographed resting against beautiful hill stones during broad daylight, a sight unparalleled to any other place where leopards are sighted frequently.

The beauty of the landscape of this unique eco-system is second to none. There is so much to see and grasp; Beautiful rewari men with their herds of cattle, particularly the impressive kankarej bulls with their impressive horns, women with their gorgeous outfits, the temples on beautiful hills and leopards.


Leopards are so adaptable that they have managed to survive amongst thickest of population; one can be surprised to see how leopards are living in such close proximity with humans.  Long may it be that way.