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Snake : Rituals, which choke the existence of animals

India is a land of mystique and culture. Dominated by a hindu populous animals hold a special place in the Indian physique. Every god in India is associated with animals. Vishnu sits on a magnificent couch made out of shesh nag a gigantic snake, lion is the carrier of goddess Durga and snakes adorn Shiva…. Read More

Vultures In Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Vultures sometimes used to visit us on our rooftop on a tall building, in a thickly populated area in lucknow. I used to rush to the terrace to have a glimpse of them: glimpse because they used to fly off as soon as I reached the terrace. Grandmother always used to shout at me and… Read More

Leopard Photography In Pali district

Predators usually die when their natural prey dies out, but not leopards. If it were cattle they were feeding on, people would have had problems but amazingly, leopards have learnt to feed on stray dogs and no one seems to really mind that. Pali district in Rajasthan is not a national park nor does it… Read More

Changeable Hawk Eagle

Changeable hawk eagle or crested hawk eagle is an impressively built, medium sized raptor and amongst the first birds of prey that you are likely to come across when you start looking for raptors in Indian subcontinent. I was attracted to the bird while it was making a loud ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-kee sound, rising in crescendo, at Dudhwa… Read More

Lesser Mortals

This incredible crab spider looks exactly like its prey, Red weaver ant. It also behaves like ant by waving their front pair of legs near their heads like antennae. There are two reasons why a spider would want to mimic an ant: to eat them and to avoid being eaten by them. It sits amongst… Read More